2016 National Youth Science Day Kit

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Download the Facilitator and Youth Guides here

Instructions for using the keychain camera can be found here.

The 2016 National Youth Science Day engineering challenge, Drone Discovery, engages youth with fun and educational activities related to aerospace, flight, and unmanned vehicles. This comprehensive kit is ideally suited for a maximum group size of 10 youth, ages 8-14. 

Materials in the Kit
- 1 large foam glider - 17.5"L x 21.5"W
- 1 camera keychain with USB cord and 512MB microSD card
- 10 Aero-Prop hand helicopters
- 5 foam plates
- 10 sets of adhesive hook-and-loop dots

    We know you're excited about your new kit. Remember that your Drone Discovery package has a fragile foam plane inside - open with care! 

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    Drone Safety & Regulations FAQ:

    Q: Does this NYSD challenge or kit involve the use of real drones?

    A: No. Drone Discovery simulates the experience of working with a real drone by providing a hands-on educational challenge that teaches youth about the basics of flight, remote sensing and real-world uses of drones.


    Q: Do any federal or local drone laws and regulations apply to the contents of the science kit?

    A: No. The science kit contains unpowered foam gliders and plastic propcopters that simulate a drone experience. Everything in this kit can be safely operated indoors or outdoors.


    Q: Will students have the opportunity to learn about drone safety and regulations during this science challenge?

    A: Yes. Students and facilitators will learn about safety and regulation issues associated with drones throughout the course of the challenge. They can also visit the FAA guidelines links on page 10 of the youth guide, and noted below, so that they can learn about the regulations when flying a real drone.



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