Laura's Embroidery Glitter T-Shirts

Laura and Maggie Skinner

4-H Mall: What sparked your idea to develop these bejeweled t-shirts?
Laura: When I became a stay-at-home mom, I wanted to try something new so I began making Longaberger basket liners. From there, I continued to experiment with sewing and embroidering, and now have been making various items for over 20 years. The sparkly shirts are fun and receive a very positive response from 4-H’ers!
4-H: How does your daughter Maggie contribute to the success of your business?
L: Maggie does an excellent job designing the animal shapes that are used on each shirt. Together, we’re always brainstorming new ideas for the business.
4-H: What role has 4-H played in your life?
L: I participated in the cooking and sewing projects in Allen County 4-H for 9 years, and my love for these projects led to my decision to study Home Economics at the Ohio State University. I am now a 25-year volunteer for the Somerset Kountry Kids 4-H Club, and I have three children who are all involved in 4-H in various ways.