Valley View Customs Engraved Items

Brian and Hannah Barnes

4-H Mall: What sparked your idea to develop these engraved products?
Brian: We have a family history in woodworking and have always had an interest in personalized furniture making. We decided to take this passion to a smaller scale and experiment on products that 4-H’ers would like.
4-H: What skills did you learn in 4-H that helped you create this business?
Hannah: Record keeping taught me analytical skills and how to make things cost-effective, skills I use to build our budget. Demonstrating and competing gave me the confidence to present to people, which I rely on heavily for sales.
4-H: What is your goal for your engraved items line?
B: Our business is in the infancy stage right now, so we’re looking to test products and grow to sustain an income that supports our family (of future 4-H’ers!).