Junk Drawer Robotics - Level 1 Materials Kit and Curriculum Books (for 10 Youth)

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This kit contains the hands-on materials needed to complete level one of the Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum. The kit includes basic materials as well as the not-so-common materials needed to complete each activity. Save hours of shopping and purchase a ready-to-use kit! This materials kit is designed to accommodate ten (10) youth.

Materials include, but are not limited to: Balloons, Table Tennis Balls, Squeeze Bottles, Binder Clips, Clothespins, Craft Sticks, Straws, Syringes, Skewers, Airline Tubing, Washers, and Paper Clips.  Full list of product contents can be found here.

This item includes 1 Materials Kit, 1 Facilitator Guide, and 10 Youth Notebooks.

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