Magic of Electricity - Level 1 Materials Kit (for 5 Groups of Youth)

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Save hours of shopping and purchase a ready-to-use kit! This kit includes all the basic and not-so-common materials for Level 1 of the Electricity curriculum. This kit contains the hands-on materials used to study electrical circuits, magnetism, and electromagnetism. Youth will make series and parallel circuits, create an electromagnet, build a galvanometer, and make a working electric motor. Material kits are designed to accommodate up to five groups of students (target group size is 2-5 youth). Grades 4-5. Curriculum books must be purchased separately.

Materials include, but are not limited to: Magnets, D-Cell Batteries, Compasses, Nails, and Wire. Full list of product contents can be found here.

This kit was created in collaboration with NC State, and is available here through the 4-H Mall Curriculum Affiliate Program

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