Gardening Level 4: Growing Profits

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Grades 10-12


Help kids learn about garden planning, planting, care, harvesting, storage and careers! Perfect for school garden programs or out-of-school time activities at home.


This activity book is Level 4 (D) of the 4-H Gardening Curriculum series, written by university experts.  The activity book is divided into six major units.  Each unit contains some general background information and two different activities. 

Each activity is designed so the young person has an opportunity to learn by doing.  Includes a Vegetable Planting Guide, Record Sheets, and additional Gardening Resources.  Youth record their experiences on pages within this book. Be sure to look for the Helper's Guide and additional Levels in this series.  (59 pages)


Unit 1: Garden Planning

Unit 2: Planting a Garden

Unit 3: While You Wait

Unit 4: Garden Care

Unit 5: Harvesting and Storage

Unit 6: Careers

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