2004 Gardening Level 1: See Them Sprout

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This activity book is Level 1 (A) of the 4-H Gardening Curriculum series, written by university experts. This level focuses on the following gardening skills: planning a garden, planting a garden, using different planting methods, understanding plant parts, caring for a garden, using garden tools, harvesting, using your harvest, identifying vegetable products (at a store), determining who works at a greenhouse or garden center. Target Age: Grades 5-6.

Unit 1: Let's Plan!
Unit 2: Dig In (Planting)
Unit 3: While You Wait
Unit 4: Watch Out! (Garden Care)
Unit 5: Now What? (Harvesting and Storage)
Unit 6: Imagine That! (Careers)

The book is from the 2004 version of the curriculum. If you would like to purchase the revised 2016 version, please click here.

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